ClearCorrect is a teeth aligner system that benefits in straightening the teeth. It acts as an alternative to traditional braces. Certified dentists or orthodontists have a variety of brands to offer to their patients, and ClearCorrect is one among them.

ClearCorrect is custom made to suit patients’ dental needs and requires following a certain number of visits with the certified dentist for a good make-over look. Dr. Brain Lin, DDS., located in Woodland, US, is a certified dentist who masters in providing the perfect smile with ClearCorrect teeth aligners. We follow modern techniques like digital mapping and molding technology, and we produce customized teeth aligners with perfection.


Factors like trauma, genetics, and tooth loss could cause misalignment of teeth. When ignored, misalignments can lead to more oral health issues like wearing out of enamel, troubled speech, pain in teeth and jaw, and malocclusion. Suitable candidates of ClearCorrect could be teenagers, adults, children with or without molars, or senior citizens. Our trained dentist’s interventions during your regular checkups help diagnose the problem at an early stage and recommend orthodontic treatment for teeth aligners.


In order to begin with, your teeth impressions, radiographs, and photographs are taken, and a 3D model is created. Next, a treatment plan is drawn that marks the journey to the repositioning of your teeth from the current structure to the desired one.

ClearCorrect is a comprehensive treatment that is worked in 4 stages of therapy. Control and flexibility are achieved between each stage. During each stage, a new set of aligners are worn for a period of three to four weeks. 

Gradually, you will notice a change by the end of each stage as your teeth make an adjustment and align to give you an impeccable smile. ClearCorrect aligners are a product made, keeping in mind the modern technology, and its aesthetics are hardly noticeable. Although the aligners have to be worn all the time, it does not hinder your daily routine, and it needs to be removed only while consuming food and drinks, or while brushing and flossing.

It is important to follow scheduled checkups to be updated with the progress and get the next set of aligners. This is the process that has to be followed until the desired smile is achieved.

The degree of misalignment and your specific condition are considered before a plan is drawn, and the duration of treatment directly depends on it. A patient may be given a limited number of six or twelve aligner sets, or it could go up to more number of sets if the alignment requires more help.

ClearCorrect therapy has proved beneficial in treating orthodontic conditions like spacing between teeth, overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, and crooked teeth.

Follow up

We recommend a regular follow up post the realignment goals are met as this helps us examine the changes and stop your teeth from going back to their previous structure if it seems to likely occur. We keep a continuous check during annual examinations and ensure they remain correctly aligned. We will also walk you through the maintenance of the aligner set when it is handed over to you during each stage. 

Please reach out to us on-call 530-662-1747 or schedule an online appointment, and we’ll be happy to guide you further.


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