Implants supported dentures

Implants supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures are the modern invention which replaces traditional dentures. For decades, traditional dentures have been the only option a dentist could recommend to replace a full arch of teeth which is highly uncomfortable, lead to bone loss and slip. Implant-supported dentures are an advanced procedure that provides better stability and increases chewing power. Adding on, these dentures are natural-looking which definitely make them a better option.
Dr. Brain Lin, DDS, located in Woodland, US, is a well-experienced dentist who, with a scheduled appointment, will walk you through the procedure, answer all your queries and draw a treatment plan if you seem fit as a suitable candidate.
The procedure is minimally invasive and yet, the implant-supported dentures are highly durable, give a natural look, fully functional assuring you a beaming smile. The aim of implant-supported dentures is to increase the quality of your life as they increase chewing power. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite food and smile confidently. 
Advanced dental technology brings along varieties of implant-supported dentures which can be customized to suit your needs.

Fixed-in Implants-supported Dentures

In this type, implant-supported dentures are fixed in the mouth. It does not need the fixing of the upper palate, therefore your food chewing experience is restored and the implant of denture enhances chewing power. The only similarity that the fixed-in implants share with traditional dentures is that the former look equally natural. Otherwise, fixed-in implants prevent bone loss, increases chewing power, and are highly durable.
Fixed-in implants are extremely comfortable and require the same maintenance provided to natural teeth. Yet, it is important to remember that only a dentist can remove the fixed-in dentures. Although the look and feel of the fixed-in dentures give natural look, it is important to take good care to ensure they last longer.
The fixed-in dentures are revamped to hold special attachments. This connects fixed-in denture to the implants surgically fit into your jawbone. This helps keep the denture strongly hold in one place and handle the pressure you apply while you chew or talk without making any movement. This also helps increase chewing pressure, reduce the bone from shrinking and even better, the denture prevent any bone loss. 

All-on-4 Implants-supported Dentures

All-on-4 implants can be fixed in one day depending on your dental situation. This type similar to fixed-in implants but it requires as much as 4 implants as compared to 6 or more when compared to other varieties. If you are a patient suffering from extreme bone loss, all-on-4 is best suited. All-on-4 can be done without adding the bone grafts with specially angled implants and the advantages are similar to fixed-in implants. These dentures give you nearly full chewing power and they fit and feel like natural teeth. 

Snap-on Implants-supported Dentures

As the name suggests, snap-on implants are removable, unlike fixed-on dentures. Snap-on implants are made of reinforced acrylic which can be snapped onto the implants when required. We fix four to six implants in your mouth and the snap-on dentures are equally sturdy and do not move when you eat or talk. These implants are economical and give you more than half of the chewing strength of natural teeth.


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