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Solea Dentistry

Has a dentist treated you for cavities in the past? If yes, you would have an idea about how the procedure would take place. Initially, the dentist will use an ultrasonic scaling device that has a metal tip that vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies. The device is combined with a tiny jet of water to remove the dislodged debris, after which the dentist places a suitable filling in the cavity to restore it.

Not all patients are comfortable with this treatment method. Patients with especially sensitive teeth would have a hard time during the scaling process, as the ultrasonic frequencies of the metal tip could cause a sharp sensation in the teeth. Also, the procedure tends to go on for longer, as the dentist will have to scrape the decay off each face of the cavity and also clean the adjoining teeth. The water from the jet would accumulate in your mouth, which could cause discomfort or even gagging.

What is the solution?

We counter the drawbacks of the conventional method using the Solea dental laser. It is a computer-assisted laser system that is quick, convenient, precise, and doesn’t require anesthesia. Using the Solea laser for cavity preparation is several times more convenient as the need for the ultrasonic scaling procedure is eliminated. The intense beam of laser vaporizes the decay in the cavity and leaves the surrounding structure unaffected.

What are the advantages of the Solea dental laser?

  • The laser can be used to precisely get rid of the infected tissues while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.
  • The procedure doesn’t require anesthesia or sutures as there is no pain or any cuts involved.
  • Since the infected tissues are vaporized instantly, there is no need to cut and extract them surgically. More importantly, the laser seals the wound underneath, thereby avoiding bleeding or pain.

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